Oh, It's instrumentals


On his first commercial release "Oh, It’s Going" Dave Zup displayed his ability to command a microphone as a modern emcee. His witty lyricism, imagination and signature cadence shined through 9 of the project’s 10 tracks. 

"Oh, It’s Instrumentals" focuses on Dave’s craftsmanship as a beat maker and producer. These songs were not just stripped of their vocal tracks. They were mixed separately to highly segments of the music that were initially masked by the presence of Dave's voice. Channeling ingenuity from the Funk and Hip-Hop music that he was raised on (A Tribe Called Quest, Commodores, De La Soul), the young musician manages to pay homage to his influences while staying original and without sounding dated.


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starring Dave Zup

A gnarly skateboard accident leads to a broken leg and strict regimen of pain pills of bed(couch)rest. Boredom, immobility and Oxy help Dave slip into a trippy dream-state somewhere in the woods. Armed with a beat pad and mind full of mindlessness, our protagonist performs an ironic anthem on awareness that only he (and Mother Nature) can fully appreciate.

   Shot over the course of a day in the northern Michigan, this project provides a stunning visual representation of the song’s cathartic lyricism and hazy production. Every4Hrz is a song that was created as a result of Dave's 3-month recovery from a major leg surgery in 2016. During this time Zup was stuck at home with nothing more than my AKAI MPK Sampler, a collection of dusty vinyls and a generous amount of prescribed pain medication. 

   A dimly lit ode to boredom. Every4Hrz takes its name from the literal directions on a bottle of prescription medication. By delivering a lyrical mix of left-field metaphors and complex descriptions, Zup is able to showcase what it truly feels like to be immobilized by a injury. The most trivial conundrums are sometimes the biggest battles. 

directed by Benjamin Rivet
produced by Journeyman Productions 
filmed in Grayling, MI

Oh, It's Going

The Debut Hip-hop album from Dave Zup

Drawing from Hip-Hop’s golden age and 70’s funk, Oh, It’s Going by Dave Zup serves as a bright and bouncy introduction to the emerging emcee. The 10-track, self-produced LP spans just under 25 minutes and is the result Zup’s 3 month recovery period following reconstructive leg surgery. He filled his days by taking online piano lessons, listening to instrumentals, and creating loops which would soon become the foundation for his (unanticipated) first LP.  

Though Dave’s lyricism and in-the-pocket flow often take the spotlight, his craftsmanship of the instrumentals is the real focus. Channeling ingenuity from the Funk and Hip-Hop music that he was raised on (A Tribe Called Quest, Commodores, De La Soul), the 25-year-old manages to pay homage to his influences while staying original and without sounding dated.

The dichotomy between artist and fan is ever-present on Oh, It’s Going. This is a record that is rooted in appreciation for music as a whole. This is also the first time we see Dave Zup offering his fashionable quirkiness to the ears of the masses without puling any punches. Oh, It’s Going is cut from the same cloth as those sunny summer days filled with laughter and irreverence. The same irreverence that broke his leg in the first place.

All songs written and produced by David A. Zupkovich (BMI)

Additional Production: Ronnie Pinnell & Benjamin J S Rivet (BMI)

Engineering: Ronnie Pinnell

Mix: Ronnie Pinnell and Benjamin J S Rivet

Master: Ronnie Pinnell

Guitar: BJSR

Additional Vocals: Will Morris & BJSR

Recorded: Ronnie's Studio in Dayton, OH | The Spare Room in Columbus, OH | Ed Rivet Lodge in Grayling, MI

© 2017 Journeyman Productions
This album is dedicated to my Mom and Dad. Thank you for being there when I needed you most, even if I didn’t know I did, and for never giving up on me. To Jess, you are my world and I love you baby!!! Thank you for always supporting me and keeping me balanced. To Ben and Ronnie, thank you guys for taking the time to work with me on this project and teach me.. what a crazy year we had! Will 4 - Yo, thank you for always coming through when I hit you up and for just being a great friend. I couldn’t have made this record without you bro! Special thanks to: Dr. Trick, Irv, Joey, Scooter, Wes, Dan Prince, Andrew Delphia, Marc Graham, Kaylee (Nug), Jordan Hensley, the Richardsons (RIP Papa J), Josh Chamberlin, Vital Sea, the Seichko family, Uncle Mike, Brian LaDuca, Elise Rivet, Tori Reynolds, Devin Whitney, Murphy and everyone else who helped move this record along. Thank you for believing, I love you all so much. This record was also made with help and inspiration from: God, all my aunts and uncles, my cousins, Chipotle, TUMS, Jameson, PBR, Speedy Rewards Points, SANKURO, Jess’ cooking, Paul’s Boutique, Mr. Trick’s scooter, Ghost Noises, Tribe, Edison’s Pizza, Jeff Malbasa’s desk, skateboarding, Newburgh Gas on Harvard, Marathon on 156th, Sunoco on Wayne, Johnny Mango’s, Smokey Q’s BBQ, Omega Records, Dilla and the Cavs. To the state of Ohio, especially my city and home of Cleveland, I LOVE YOU.

- Zup

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