Dave Zup "Oh, It's Going" 1 Listen Review By Irving Taylor

At midnight tonight, it will be one week since my debut album Oh, It's Going was released.  Now if you know me, you know that I used to be a pretty massive nerd for various blogs back in high school and college. I had a ritual of opening my laptop after class and going through my daily search for content. In those days, I was jumping between sites and comparing reviews, debating writer's opinions with the homies, downloading at least 7 mixtapes a week, and dreaming.

My buddy Irv has always felt the same way. I met Irv in 2011 during my freshman year of college. He had just moved to Dayton from Chicago and we both worked at Champs Sports and loved Hip-Hop. Our early discussions involved everything from Lupe verses to Oreo Jordan 6's, and were often followed by us comparing opinions on whatever album or mixtape was popping around that time.  Over time, I had come to cherish our dialogue and friendship. When OIG came out last week, I jokingly asked Irv to hit me with a Yoh-type 1 Listen Review. 

If you don't know, Yoh is one of the illest journalists out right now. I had become a fan of his when I got back into reading reviews early last year. He is a senior writer over at DJBooth. He sheds light on important topics and back his work up. He's a great writer.

Irv and I are always sending each other reviews but we have grown to love these 1 Listen Reviews that Yoh does for certain projects. Each review follows his usual rules: no skipping, no fast-forwarding, no rewinding and no stopping. Each song receives his gut reaction from start to finish.  Though we have chopped it up on Twitter once, I don't know Yoh at all and Irv doesn't either.  Nonetheless, he is a inspiration for us and we enjoy reading what he's got to say.

Unlike most friends that I sent Oh, It's Going to, Irv refused to listen until the project was out. This is a guy who has heard almost every single piece of music I've put out as an artist since day one.  It was weird not getting his reaction to my very first proper project.  However, I'm glad I didn't press him because he emailed me one of the best reviews I've ever received.  Moreover, like Yoh, there was no skipping, no fast-forwarding, no rewinding and no stopping.  Each song got Irv's gut reaction.  

I texted him tonight and asked if it was cool if I published his review on my site. He was a little skeptical because of how raw it is (he was just typing like a Ye rant) but he ultimately said yes.  Check out Irv's 1 Listen Review below.


Oh, It's Going 1 Listen Review By Irving Taylor

Leg Beat 7
Buckled in instantly what stands out in this track is the consistent claps and snaps in the back ground .. aye represent represent, this track gives a hopeful feel like some comeback kid shit the reintroduction to Dave Zup “ I told you i got the juice, and thats true .” the soulful outro thooo

so far so good

the moment it came n i thought the strong guitar riff would be followed by robin thicke saying please don’t shoot me down corny i know but lets just say i fuck with the guitar on this track already. i feel like this track should have been longer and had like a beat flip with some crazy drums on some root shit i wasn’t ready for it to end but i guess its on to

My Hat
already my favorite song the flow is crazy “how you not look at your potential when you fall” this song is talking to me already maybe thats a easter egg to tell Irv to start doing some music shit ..
is it bad i wanna run this song back already ? you can tell a lot of genuine fun went into making this track. the lil freestyle over the bass in the end run it back please

No we have to move on … its gon be hard to follow that so lets see whats next

The Takeback
so far not bad the hook is kinda scratchy but the verse comes at you like bitch pay attention
“You won’t never find one like me” aye blue chips !!!! oh shit the guitar .. guess I’m kinda making it known that i fuck with guitars heavy honestly you could have just dropped the beat and had the guitar going with the hook and i would still be sitting here on my couch bobbing my head almost spilling my damn coffee .

is exactly the mellow shit i needed after that guitar something to bring me back down and compose myself
this is real drugs man drugs a gift in a curse . aye the couch with the lamp . Don’t Disrespect the Cubs my G
go white sox lol . honestly you didn’t even need a repetitive hook for this one it could have been some drowsy i forgot what i was saying type shit and still would have foot first end was definitely stronger than the last half( Cubs reference ) every4hrz take one for the pain !!!

Because Donuts
on the initial hit of the track i thought common then the beat took me elsewhere i feel like I’m in a gorillaz video or in a time lapse the chops towards the end are crazy and now I’m sleep?

wheres this going …

Sensation // Getting Fresh
still sleep wait oh shit is he bout to wake up with like raw ass bars ? the live music is coming in please tell me this just cuts to a raw ass beat with hella bass bars and high hats shit would be unbelievable .. Fucking apple watch alarm noooooooooo i was so hype btw i hate hearing that shit every morning . is the beat got come in behind the shower noise still would be dope af not as good as if it followed the live music but ill definitely settle wait is he really taking a shower maybe this some sleep walking shit lol

Get Fresh
Oh shit right off the back see this is what should have been right in the middle of the live shit all that mess to ‘GET FRESH”
nah that can’t be it … damn thats it

that transition to the next track came so fast i wasn’t ready maybe it was reminiscent of a quick shower can’t take all day to GET FRESH

Falling Back
this has gotta be dedicated to jess car rides good vibes sending irv snapchat videos yea this is definitely a day in the life of Dave and Jess minus the best friend thing more like a (Fiancé date) baby I’m down for you !
i feel like this is something or a melody you would compose after a huge O State win after a few shots of whiskey nothing but good vibes and good times with the people you love

The maxwell reference !!!!! oh shit squidward , aye i hear that guitar riff in the background aye who is this singing on the hook i know it aint you lol wait was that a harry potter reference ,speaking of play that funk i feel like this song needs a saxophone the breakdown at the end reminds me of Idlewild i guess you didnt need that saxophone shit was hella groovy
oh shit murph made it on the album man i gotta do better wait that can’t be it .. damn we’ve been thru 10 songs already fuck.

Honestly man this album is crazy. It's Dave Zup. From the first track it's like a reintroduction to you.  Along the way, you've found yourself. From the injuries to finding out what makes you happy. You can definitely tell you had a good time making this album. It's reflected in the instrumentation, the lyrics and just the raw vibes it gives off. I hate that if people hear it they will try to compare it to this or that but fuck that. The one thing I love about your music is that regardless of what you put out, you stay Dave Zup. Never switch up man, never. 
OH ITS GOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I better be on the next EP or something. I feel like you called me out or something. I need to start making beats and getting in the studio ha.